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The Ordinary
THE ORDINARY 100% Niacinamide Powder
THE ORDINARY 100% Niacinamide Powder 1
THE ORDINARY 100% Niacinamide Powder 1

The Ordinary

THE ORDINARY 100% Niacinamide Powder

THE ORDINARY 100% Niacinamide Powder

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Why we love it
Can be used in DIY: scoop up as much powder as you want and mix it with water, serum or cream.
This product is easily soluble in water.
Featured ingredients
Niacinamide: controls sebum secretion.
Niacinamide: facilitates production of vital substances for skin.

Those with enlarged pores and irregular skin texture
Those who want to balance moisture on their skin
Those who are looking for a way to personalize their skincare routine

100% Niacinamide in powder form. Niacinamide is known for minimizing pore appearance, balancing sebum presence on the skin, strengthening the skin barrier, and fixing irregular skin texture.

Offers the most direct topical exposure of niacinamide to target various skin troubles
Its powder form allows for a do-it-yourself experience to personalize usage based on preference and need
Readily-water soluble and dissolves in water-based products
Can be combined or mixed into non-conflicting, water-based treatments, provided that the pH of the base is between 5.1 and 7.0

Avoid contact with eyes, if contact occurs rinse thoroughly with water. Wash hands after handling. Do not mix with formulations with a pH of 5 or lower.

Content volume or weight 20g
Ideal for For all skin types
Expiration date (or expiration date after opening) Expiration date is marked separately on the product.
How to Use Mix 1/4 spoon of the formula with a water-based treatment and apply the mixture to your face once or twice daily.
When your skin gets irritated, stop using it and consult with a doctor. Use as directed on the skin without any damage.
Recommended to perform a patch test before use. Refer to the included patch testing guide or details on the website.
Keep out of reach of children.

Cosmetics manufacturers, cosmetics responsible distributors, and customized cosmetics sellers Manufacturer: Deciem Beauty Group Inc. / Distributor: Decium Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.
Country of Manufacture Canada
Ingredients Niacinamide (100%),
MFDS Evaluation of Functional Cosmetics N
Precautions when using 1. Consult a specialist if you have abnormal symptoms or side effects such as a skin rash, swelling, or itchiness during use or from exposure to direct sunlight after use.
2. Do not use on wounds or other affected areas.
3. Storage and handling instructions
a) Keep out of reach of children.
b) Keep away from direct sunlight

Quality Assurance Standard In case of defect with this product, it will be exchanged or compensated according to the Consumer Dispute Settlement Standard announced by the Fair Trade Commission.

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