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Re, move Plain Bright Skin Bra
Re, move Plain Bright Skin Bra 1
Re, move Plain Bright Skin Bra 1


Re, move Plain Bright Skin Bra

Re, move Plain Bright Skin Bra

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Why we love it
A plain skin bra is a semi-permanent, non-adhesive product with coating that increases its adhesive strength.
For people with light skin, we have released the plain bright bra.
You can select a color that matches your skin by using the subdivided skin bra color options.
It stays on even without adhesive if you wear it with tight-fitting clothing.
You can feel the stability as it sticks to your skin, the adhesion through the coated surface, and its durability even in sweat and water.
It is a product with excellent reusability, so it can be worn an infinite number of times over a long period of time.
By firmly removing the adhesive, it can be used again without being concerned about its use-by date.
In addition to its straightforward purpose, it has many other applications. If the clothing is tight-fitting, you can even go underwater.
Even when attached for 24 hours, it is a product with 0.00% skin irritation that does not respond to the skin of all study subjects.
It is a product with skin-like coverage that can be worn even on white clothes without any problems thanks to the coated surface and clean finish.
With a diameter of 8 cm and an extra thickness of 0.4 mm, it is wide and thin, so you do not have to worry about thin clothes.
It is a product with two or more strong curvatures, and the strong curvature that matches the chest curve creates a perfect fit.
With color options subdivided according to skin tone and areola pigment, it is possible to select a color that matches your skin.
If the color of the areola is lighter or light to middle in tone, the bright skin bra is recommended; and if the color of areola is dark in medium tone or dark tone, the skin bra is recommended.
It is a product with the most practical storage method, and it blocks dust with a magnetic box and a plastic dome.
If you wash and dry immediately after use, you can manage it pleasantly and increase its durability.
Recommended for if you want subtle coverage, if you want products that are harmless to your skin, if you want to keep them hygienic and safe, if you often wear close-fitting clothes (sleeveless • undergarments), if you want convenient cleaning and care, if you want to choose colors that match your skin, if you want to wear it with swimsuits (tighter swimsuits recommended), and if you want to take them out like bra pads (possible even when nursing).

Featured ingredients
There is no need to be concerned because it is a product made with ingredients that are safe for use on the human body and come in direct contact with the skin.
You can use silicon with confidence because it is Rohs-certified and has not been found to contain any cadmium, lead, mercury, chromium, PBB, or PBDE.
Instead of plastic bags that can get easily lost, the magnetic box and plastic dome offer secure storage.

How to use
You can cover your chest with a plain skin bra after dressing in form-fitting clothing.
Wear a plain skin bra underneath form-fitting underwear, such as sleeveless underwear, when wearing tight clothing.
Try a plain skin bra if you experience seam-related discomfort when wearing a bralette.
It can be worn anywhere as long as it is a tight-fitting top, so you can do yoga, ballet, and swimming while wearing it.
Plain skin bras should not be worn with loose clothing, such as box tees, and must be worn with close-fitting attire.

The Plain Bright Bra is suitable for people with light skin tone and light areola color, is the recommended color for skin types No. 17 to 21, goes well with bright clothes, and suitable for those who felt the original skin bra felt too dark.



Material Silicone
Color Beige
Size Diameter 8 cm
Manufacturer Re, move
Country of Manufacture South Korea
Wash Guide Since this nipple cover ia nor adhesive, be sure to use it with clothing that can keep it in place.
Ideal for swimming suit, ballet or yoga wear, as well as daily clothings including close-fitting tops, bralettes or sleeveless shirts.
After use, lightly wash the nipple cover with foam cleanser or soap and attach it to the plastic dome for storage.

Manufacture Date 2020. 10
Quality Assurance Standard Compensation for defective products is provided according to the criteria for the settlement of consumer disputes notified publicly by the Fair Trade Commission.