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WAKEMAKE Machireal Gel Nail [Perfect Fit] #36 MINT CREAM ESPRESSO 1
WAKEMAKE Machireal Gel Nail [Perfect Fit] #36 MINT CREAM ESPRESSO 2
WAKEMAKE Machireal Gel Nail [Perfect Fit] #36 MINT CREAM ESPRESSO 1
WAKEMAKE Machireal Gel Nail [Perfect Fit] #36 MINT CREAM ESPRESSO 2



WAKEMAKE Machireal Gel Nail [Perfect Fit] #36 MINT CREAM ESPRESSO

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Why we love it
As an afternoon tea collection product, it is a relaxing and pleasant gel nail collection with the scent and design of warm tea enjoyed sitting on the terrace in the afternoon when the cool autumn wind blows.
Mint Cream Espresso is a dark brown espresso with sweet cream and a slightly added refreshing mint flavor.
It is a one-stop gel nail finished product that is finished by pasting and baking.
This product was released on September 15, 22, and has a nail salon quality design and high gloss as if it were received from a nail salon.
It is a super-smooth, super-adhesive self-gel nail that is finished by pasting and baking.
Experience real nail salon quality, feel the trendy design and color that you want.
Super-adhesive gel nail that does not float or curves on application without lifting, making it possible to have a natural finish as if you have been to a nail salon.
Comes in a variety of sizes and shapes and contains 32 nail sticker tips that you can choose to fit your nail shape.

Featured ingredients
It is a product with a high content of softener, and the gel nail material used in nail salons is added to increase the elasticity and adhesion.
How to use
[How to paste]
1. Choose your size: Choose the size sticker that best fits your nails.
2. Paste: Leave a 1mm gap between the cuticle and the nail. Use an alcohol swab or acetone to remove the oil and moisture from the nail before attaching it, to enhance the adhesiveness of the sticker.
3. Cut: Tilt the file under the nail and grind the remaining part. At this time, use a nail clipper to cut more naturally.
4. Bake: Bake 1-2 times with a gel lamp, but curing up to 3 times is recommended to increase the durability.
Press the edge of your nail one more time with the built-in wood stick to adhere better and your hair will not get caught.

[How to remove]
1. Prepare the Remover & Woodstick: Wet the remover sufficiently on the included wood stick.
2. Push the edges: Gently push on the wood stick to make a gap on the edge of the finger and toenail.
3. Gently push and remove: If you remove it by gently pushing it, you can minimize damage to your hands and toenails.
4. Finish: Remove any adhesive with a cotton pad moistened with acetone or an alcohol prep pad / wet tissue.

When exposed to sunlight (ultraviolet rays), the sticker hardens and makes it difficult to use, so be careful not to expose it to light.
When the temperature drops, the sticker may become stiff temporarily, but if it is warmed up, it can be used again in a soft state.
Sweat, water, hand cream, and oil from your hands can decrease the adhesion, so if you use a preparation pad to thoroughly wipe off the oil and moisture on your nails, the adhesive strength of the sticker will increase and you can use it for a longer period of time.
If there is an abnormality in the nails or the skin around them, stop using the product, and for the health of the nails, it is recommended to take a break of about 2 days after removing the sticker.
Keep out of reach of children. (Age of use: 14 & above)

Product/Model Name WAKEMAKE Machireal Gel Nail [Perfect Fit] #36 MINT CREAM ESPRESSO
Certifications Not applicable
Country of Manufacture South Korea
Manufacturer Sunwoo Industry Co., Ltd.

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