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STEAMBASE Daily Eye Mask 5ea (Chamomile Crown)
STEAMBASE Daily Eye Mask 5ea (Chamomile Crown) 1
STEAMBASE Daily Eye Mask 5ea (Chamomile Crown) 2
STEAMBASE Daily Eye Mask 5ea (Chamomile Crown) 1
STEAMBASE Daily Eye Mask 5ea (Chamomile Crown) 2


STEAMBASE Daily Eye Mask 5ea (Chamomile Crown)

STEAMBASE Daily Eye Mask 5ea (Chamomile Crown)

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Why we love it
This is a daily eye mask that allows you to massage your eyes for 20 minutes at a temperature of 40℃, which is the most comfortable for your eyes, before going to bed.
Daily Eye Mask Chamomile Crown presents you with 20 minutes a day to fully focus on yourself.
It can create a warm and cozy time for yourself.
It is a product for when you need a moment of rest, having lived breathlessly for so long.
If you have been neglecting eye fatigue, we recommend this product because your tired and dry eyes need time to rest.
Recommended for those who have tired and dry eyes every day, those who are troubled by not being able to fall asleep easily, those who read a lot, and those who are preparing for job applications.
Enjoy a break with an eye mask when your body is exhausted and your mind is anxious.
We recommend this product because our eyes, which we use every day, need time to rest.
Eye fatigue that is repeated every day breaks the oil-moisture balance of the tear film, making it easy to get tired and dry, but this product gently melts the hardened oil glands of the eyelids and help to maintain moist and healthy eyes.
It is a product of warm and rich hot spring water steam, which gives your eyes a pleasant feeling as if you are taking a hot spring bath.
As a product that suggests a daily routine for you, you can enjoy a comfortable therapy with 8 different scents every day.
Soft Sunset brings warmth and a comfortable mind, Untitle adds nothing but brings perfect stability, Silent Night Air is calm and purifies the mind, Fleecy Cloud is fluffy and cozy and brings respite, Lavender Blue Water brings deep sleep, Chamomile Crown relieves tension, Grapefruit Tree lifts your spirits, and Rose Garden relieves stress.
It delivers a warm rest for 20 minutes at a temperature of 40℃, which is most comfortable for the eyes.
The daily eye mask is a reliable 100% domestically produced product and was selected as Korea's national co-brand “Brand K”.
Recommended when you want to enjoy a calm rest, when you cannot easily fall asleep, when you use a monitor or smartphone for a long time, or when you go on long trips.
It inflates as steam is supplied from the heating element, and although the degree of this swelling varies depending on the usage environment, this phenomenon enhances adhesion to the eyelids, allowing you to feel a more efficient thermal massage effect.

Featured ingredients
The soft-touch fabric and goggle-type design allow steam to circulate around the eyes and between the eyebrows, making them comfortable and warm.
It is safe to use as it is made with heat and ultrasonic waves without using harmful adhesives in the product manufacturing process.
It is safe to use, since the heating element of the daily eye mask is not in the form of powder, there is no risk of leakage such as leaning left or right or flowing down during use.

How to use
Use it right away after opening, as the eye mask immediately becomes warm.
After use, the dough-type heating element hardens and may break if pressed with force or pressure, so discard it immediately after use.
If you went through eye surgery (LASIK, LASEK, cataract, etc.), it is recommended that you consult with a medical expert before using it because each individual's health condition is different.

It consists of 5 sheets of Steambase Daily Eye Mask Chamomile Crown.
Product/Model Name STEAMBASE Daily Eye Mask 5ea (Chamomile Crown)
Certifications Not applicable
Country of Manufacture South Korea
Manufacturer Hummingavis Co., Ltd.