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Megrhythm Steam Leg Patch Unscented 6P
Megrhythm Steam Leg Patch Unscented 6P 1
Megrhythm Steam Leg Patch Unscented 6P 1


Megrhythm Steam Leg Patch Unscented 6P

Megrhythm Steam Leg Patch Unscented 6P

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Why we love it
Megrhythm Steam Leg Patch lasts about 30 minutes with a steam spa of about 40°C to lighten tired legs.
Lighten the tired legs with Megrhythm.
This product is simple to use and is disposable after single-use.
A warm steam provides a soothing relaxation.
The moment you attach the patch, you can experience your own break time.
This Steam Leg Patch allows quick and simple care anywhere at anytime.
This product has been renewed, but still contains the contents of the previous product.
With about 40°C of steam, snuggle and wrap it around the legs and feet, and the steam lasts for about 30 minutes.
Experience a warm, pleasant rest with a warm steam effect that helps relief the tired legs and feet.
This product comes with a pleasant 40℃ steam and an abundant steam conductivity.
Enjoy a comfortable rest, a warm sleep with a easy, hygenic single-use patch that can be used anytime and anywhere by just peeling off.
The patch starts steaming as soon as you take it out from the package and can be used right away.
15 years of leading cultivation in the league.
Adheres to the curvy edges of the body and it does not easily fall off by taking any movement or gesture.
Just like being wrapped around a steam towel, this product gives a relaxing care.
An easy sticker-type patch that you can simply attach it to use.
This leg patch product comes in a variety where you can pick and use according to your mood. The Heated Steam Leg Patch gives a warm steam for a releaxing moment, and lasts for 30 minutes with a 40℃ warm steam with no scent.
Recommended for when you have been sitting for a long time and your legs feel heavy, when your legs and feet are tired from excessive activity, when you want to do leg line care, when you want to warmly care for the coldness of your legs and feet, when it is a must-have item for rest during travel, and when care is needed before and after exercise. When you need a rest, we recommend using Megrhythm, of which the leg patch helps lighten and relax tired legs, and the heated steam leg patch helps with the numbness with warm steam and has features such as leg care and lasting about 30 minutes at about 40℃ steam spa with no scent.
Enjoy a quick, easy, and restful moment with Megrhythm that matches your daily routine rhythm. This is a healthcare brand by KAO, that encourages your daily life.

Featured ingredients
Made with a great pattern for enhanced adhesiveness and maintenance that sticks well to areas like the calves and feet and does not fall off easily.

How to use
1. Take out the steam patch from the package and use as soon as opened.
2. After removing the film, put it on the tired calves, feet, etc.
After opening the package, do not store it separately.
Depending on the environment, the steam patch may swell up, but it can still be used.
Repeated application on sweaty, watery, oily, etc. areas may reduce adhesion.

Megrhythm Steam Leg Patch Unscented 6 PCS
Product/Model Name Megrhythm Steam Leg Patch Unscented 6P
Certifications Not applicable
Country of Manufacture Japan
Manufacturer Manufacturer: Kao Corporation / Importer: Kanebo Cosmetics Co., Ltd.