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Chok Chok Gells
Chok Chok Gells Gel Gloves
Chok Chok Gells Gel Gloves 1
Chok Chok Gells Gel Gloves 1

Chok Chok Gells

Chok Chok Gells Gel Gloves

Chok Chok Gells Gel Gloves

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Why we love it
- Hydrates and nourishes skin that's dry and tired from stress, with a breathable texture and excellent soothing effects.
- Wear for 20 minutes a day to fully absorb the moisturizing ingredients and cultivate soft and dewy skin.
- The interior gel coating prevents the loss of nutrients and helps with hydration. Built in a dense and soft material for cozy, comfortable wear.
Featured ingredients
- The interior gel sheets are formulated with vitamin C, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, olive oil mineral oil, and canola oil to condition and firm skin that feels stressed, dry, and tired. The subtle fragrance from essential oils also produces a therapeutic effect.
- Tested and certified as a toxin-free functional moisturizing product by SGS, an international company specializing in quality inspection and verification.





Content volume or weight -
Ideal for All skin types (one size fits all)
Expiration date (or expiration date after opening) 6 months to 1 year (200-300 uses)
How to Use Wear for at least 20 minutes on clean hands/feet.
Gently hand wash and dry before storage (do not machine wash).
Cosmetics manufacturers, cosmetics responsible distributors, and customized cosmetics sellers J&K Alliance
Country of Manufacture China
Ingredients VitaminE, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Mineral Oil, Canola Oil
MFDS Evaluation of Functional Cosmetics N
Precautions when using See product details
Quality Assurance Standard Compensation for defective products is provided according to Fair Trade Commission standards.

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