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Cellex Milk Ceramide Collagen 10000 125mL
Cellex Milk Ceramide Collagen 10000 125mL 1
Cellex Milk Ceramide Collagen 10000 125mL 1


Cellex Milk Ceramide Collagen 10000 125mL

Cellex Milk Ceramide Collagen 10000 125mL

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Why we love it
It is 10000 milligram milk ceramide collagen that is delicious to drink.
Collagen content and taste captivated the hearts of celebrities and Kakao Makers.
This product has a record of a 4.9 rating in buyer satisfaction.
According to reviews, "It doesn't have a stinky or fishy taste, and I was rather surprised that it was delicious", "The taste is so refreshing, even if it's collagen.”, “Looking at the nutritional information, there are 10g of protein."
Feel the change with the low-molecular-weight fish collagen, which lowers the molecular weight and increases the content considering the absorption rate.
Premium biotin from France, as well as vitamin C, are meticulously packed for optimal inner beauty.
Light calorie 50kcal & clean and refreshing lemon soda flavor, collagen is designed with taste and calories so that you can consume it steadily.
Comes in a handy size to carry around, so put it in your bag, and easily recharge collagen anytime, anywhere.
Recommended for those who want to consume a higher amount of collagen, those who have been reluctant to take tablets/powder, who are looking for more delicious collagen, who are looking for quick changes, who are looking for a total inner beauty product that contains various inner beauty ingredients along with collagen, and who are looking for a bright and lively feeling.
Collagen is one of the types of proteins produced by the body and is the second most important component of our body after water in joints, bones, muscles, skin and hair, so collagen plays a very important role throughout our body.

Featured ingredients
This product contains 10,000mg of low-molecular-weight fish collagen that fills you with vitality.
Fish collagen is a low-molecular-weight collagen with less than 2,000 Daltons (Da) and is a component extracted from the scales of young fish, and has a better absorption rate in the body than animal collagen.
44.9% of GPH amino acids in collagen were contained, of which 23.5% of glycine, 11.7% of proline, and 9.7% of hydroxyproline were contained.
Contains milk ceramide, a patented skin protection composition extracted from milk, that holds collagen tight and shows perfect synergy.
It contains 100% of antioxidant vitamin C and 3.333% of premium biotin from France, and if you take vitamin C and collagen together, collagen synthesis in the body improves.

How to use
It is recommended to drink 1 pack per day.
*It tastes better if you eat it after keeping it cool.
*After opening, consume immediately and store away from direct sunlight.

Item and Product Name Cellex Milk Ceramide Collagen 10000 125mL
Food Type Mixed Beverage
Manufacturer and Address Gwangju Plan of Maeil Dairies Co., Ltd. 511, Eodeung-daero, Gwangsan-gu, Gwangju-si
Date of manufacture and expiration date (quality maintenance period) The expiration date varies among products due to different date of manufacture and stock-in. For detailed information, please contact our customer center (+82-80-860-1539).
Volume (Weight), Quantity 125mL per pack
Ingredients See the product detail.
Nutrition Info Water, Fish Collagen Peptide (Vietnamese), Milk Ceramide (Whey Powder), etc. For more details, please refer to the product page.
Label for Genetically Modified Foods N
Food Import Declaration N
Cautions for Consumer Safety Store in a cool area without direct sunlight.